Writing Sample – My Favorite Corey (Celebrity Interview)

My Favorite Corey

There I sat in my office, starring at the phone. It was supposed to ring at 4:45, it was now 4:50. 4:55. Still nothing. 5:00, and finally it begins to ring. Slowly I look at the caller ID, Burbank it says. It’s him. He’s calling me. I answer the phone, and there on the other line is, Corey Feldman.

No, he’s not just calling me to chat me up because I’m hip like that, he’s actually calling to give me the lowdown on the big surprise of the 2008 summer television season. And no I don’t mean surprise because of all the buzz surrounding it, I mean surprise that this season happened at all.

After the big fight that ended the first season, and the endless tabloid rumors about the rift between The two Coreys, most people assumed there would be no second season for A&E’s The Two Coreys. After all the rumors about what went on behind the scenes, and the back & forth of Haim’s involvement in Lost Boys Two, The Tribe they are indeed back for a second season, starting Sunday June 22 on A&E. With all the drama that’s ensued since the end of the lighthearted first season, how did they find their way to a second season? Feldman gave it to me straight. “Well basically you have to go back and erase the chalkboard. The first season was really a heavily scripted show sitcom style type show which was devised for entertainment purposes. So all of the story lines were heavily written, we were filming in Canada, we were in a fake house, Haim never actually lived with us. The whole thing was really contrived. It was written with the idea of story lines with beats. We would sit down each night of shooting and we would plan things out and work it out like we were any regular television show.

Obviously the problems you see developing, there’s a bit of it that’s honest, but for the most part it was what was going on behind the scenes, behind the camera that were causing the most trouble. The whole fight that happened at the end of the first season, the fight that you saw on television was something that was kind of written and planned, but the fight that happened off camera which is what you heard bits and pieces about filtering through such as him (Haim) in and out of Lost Boys, laying all these claims about me and saying all these terrible & malicious things, that was all really true and honest. So obviously with his behavior and the way that he was so erratic we decided that there was no way to do a second season.”

The rift between The Two Coreys, the real one that happened behind the scenes, is going to make this a totally different season. Corey shared with me just how different it’s actually going to be. “I think that the audiences are smart these days and I think for us to try and create the same show again would have been impossible and pointless. So we made the decision that we had to go forward under the context of doing something that’s completely 100% opposite of what we did last year and really showing the truth of what’s going on in our lives and where I’m at and where he’s at. So when you watch the show this year it’s going to be 100% different it’s going to be a complete flip flop from what you saw last year and everything you see is exactly as it happened.”

It’s been no secret that the second season of The Two Coreys is going to be dripping with drama, and will be taking on a much truer, much darker tone. Corey got into it as he told me what to expect. “This time around there’s no holds barred, gloves are off, everything that you see that comes out of his (Haim’s) mouth is completely honest and really real. Everything that you see from Susie and I is really our last ditch effort to try & repair this thing and put it back on it’s feet. So you will literally see the self sabotage and destruction of a friendship, career, all these sorts of things. It kind of unfolds before your very eyes.”

A lot of people tuned in for that funny and lighthearted first season. I asked Corey if he was concerned that some of those folks might not be so quick to come back to a darker version of The Two Coreys. “I think that it’s so riveting and it’s so captivating, and the style of this show is so cinematical and raw & gritty, it’s something that you don’t see on television. I think for all of those reasons you can’t help but be drawn to it. If you were a fan of the first season, even if you want the light fluffy approach, just turn on your TV for just five minutes, just to check it out, I absolutely believe that there’s no way that you can turn your back on it.”

Why would someone open themselves up like that in front of the camera? Corey explained what he was getting from the show this season, both professionally and personally. “First and foremost I think that on a professional level, as a producer, it’s always a great achievement to be able to have a show successful enough to come back for a second season. Based on the fact that I’m in development for several other shows at the moment with my production company and my partner, Scott Carlson, we’re very fortunate that we have this success and everybody involved did such a great job. It looks so good and it’s going to be so powerful and A&E has put so many marketing dollars behind it, that it really kind of shows an achievement from a production stand point.

On a personal level I think that it was a bit therapeutic for me, because as I said we are very candid, very honest, and we uncover a lot of truths that have been misconstrued. Whether it be from Corey twisting the perception by coming up with lies or whatever he’s done in the past and me hitting those things on the head saying ok, let’s get it all out there. It’s kind of an unveiling and a very healthy exposition of what the truth is and where it lies in the middle of the web of deceit, if you will. On a personal stand point it’s a great opportunity for me to kind of go, look whatever you might know of me or whatever you might think of me, it’s kind of been crafted by these other shows that I’ve done in the past. This time around you really get a sense of who I am, I think. And of who Susie is. And that’s very healthy for me, and it feels kind of like a big weight has been lifted off my shoulders in a way.”

The world was introduced to Corey’s wife Susie way back when they were married on The Surreal Life. I wanted to know what life for Corey & Susie was like while doing The Two Coreys. “Susie and I kind of went into both seasons with the same agenda, which is at the root of it all there’s our marriage, and there’s our relationship. And when you go into these sorts of things obviously there’s a tremendous track record for people doing reality shows and it tearing their lives apart. We made it kind of the basis of everything, if we’re going to do this we have to make sure that we’re good, no matter what. At the center of it all, there’s our love and our marriage and our relationship, and our son. And that’s the most important thing. So no matter how dramatic things get on the set or behind the scenes, at the end of the day we still come home to our family. That’s where the real truth and the real reality lies.”

Corey and Susie’s son, Zen was no where to be found during the first season, much to the amusement of fans, and I had to know why, and if Zen was going to be around on the second season. “Well the first season Zen was never even referenced because that was kind of a decision made by the network. My feeling all along was that he should be referenced, he just shouldn’t be shown. We want to shield him from all that. There’s no sense in getting him all caught up in the muck of the business that we’re in. I know what it was like to go through that as a child and I want him to have every opportunity to lead a normal life as much as possible being my son and be able to attend normal schools and things like that so we want to keep him away from the spotlight. We don’t really want people knowing what he looks like and stuff. That said, I thought it was really part of the unrealistic nature of the first season, the fact that he was kind of missing or not known at all. This time he is referenced at the beginning of the first episode there is a quick clip, you kind of see the back of his head. His presence is felt, but you never actually see his face and there’s really not much need to have him on the show other than that.”

With that, Corey’s publicist said it was time for Corey to head off to do a radio show, and I was left with my most important question, unasked.

Picture it, 19 years ago. I’m a young teeny bopper on a hot summer day, at the mall. I’m surrounded by hundred of other teeny boppers, waiting. Waiting for Corey Feldman to step onto the stage. Finally, he comes through the crowd and walks up to the stage. Then he looks right at me, and smiles. All I could think of in my mind, “Was he really smiling at me?” My one shot to finally know, all these years later, and I didn’t get to ask.

Oh well, if all goes well, maybe there’ll be a third season, and I can ask him then. Until then, I can honestly say I’ve seen enough of The Two Coreys so far to tell you it is indeed riveting. Car Wreck riveting or good television riveting, remains to be seen. Either way, I’m tuning in on Sunday night because I’m already hooked, and you will be too. Watch The Two Coreys, 10:00PM, Sundays on A&E.


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